“It’s a completely dry technology, without the need for water or chemicals, and with up to 50% less initial investment cost and up to 20 times lower operating expenses.”

Štěpán Polanský

researcher & imaging specialist


Mineral sorting of mined rocks suffers from several problems

  • many good stones are discarded with waste products
  • the excessive need for water, chemicals and energy

    The solution? A sorting line equipped with a photon-counting detector!

    New imaging technologies for the analysis of rock samples and the sorting of mined rock ore have been successfully tested as part of the European-funded X-Mine Project. ADVACAM is one of the project’s key participants and provides the next-generation photon-counting detectors that are the backbone of this new tool for the mining industry.

    Results from tests during sorting show high levels of separation efficiency. For example, copper content is enriched from 0.4% to 1.25%, and zinc content is increased from 0.83% to 2.24%. Another benefit is the system’s 50% less investment cost and 20 times lower operating expense compared to traditional systems. The completely dry technology eliminates the need for water or chemicals, significantly reducing the environmental impact of mining and extraction. ADVACAM has been ranked by the European Commission among key innovators and its WidePIX detector as key innovation for its contributions to the X-Mine project.

    Advantages include:

  • Up to 50% lower initial investment
  • Up to 20 times lower operating costs
  • High levels of separation efficiency
  • Dry technology – eliminates the need for chemicals or water
  • Very high sorting speed
  • Greener/more sustainable solution

  • Start sorting with ADVACAM’s ultra-fast photon-counting detectors!

    Ready to start sorting more efficiently than ever before? Our WidePIX detector—currently the fastest industrial single photon counting camera in the world—can be fitted to virtually any sorting line of your choice. You bring the sorting system, we bring the world’s most advanced imaging technology. Our team of experienced imaging specialists, scientists and sales managers are available to walk you through the process of setting up the system that works best for your needs.

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